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Certified Green Office

We are extremely proud to announce that South Tampa Dermatology has been recognized by the Florida Medical Association as a Certified Green Office. This prestigious certification recognizes our commitment to environmentally-friendly practices and procedures.

A few years ago, we began the process to become certified as a green office. The project was inspired by a valued employee who is committed to the environment. Our certification was going to be a surprise gift to her on her employment anniversary. Once we started, we began to understand why this certification is so rare –it highlights the difference between “involvement” and “commitment” – the process is arduous and the required changes are comprehensive. Every aspect of the office, from the lights in the parking lot to the fibers in the carpets, had to be environmentally-friendly. We had to rethink everything about the way our business operates.

There were many delays. The program’s director in Tallahassee left and was not replaced. The complex requirements changed frequently, and each change lengthened the process. The setbacks were daunting, but by then we were converts. The entire office saw the value in what we were trying to accomplish, so we kept on. The employee’s anniversary passed and we were not done, so we decided it would be a birthday gift, and then a Christmas gift. Finally, after so many delays, we achieved our certification.

Ironically, the valued employee who inspired us has left for “greener” pastures, but her positive impact is ongoing. She inspired us to change the way we work. Because of the vision of one person, our business now operates in a way that is healthier for our patients, our employees, and our environment. We are tremendously proud of this accomplishment, and grateful to the extraordinary person who inspired it.